Mailchimp Classic Automations Retired

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Heads up about a Mailchimp change that may affect you

Mailchimp are slowly retiring their Automations feature, now known as Classic Automations. Automations were Mailchimp’s first attempt at automating sequences of email journeys, which was a long-awaited feature that was already standard in other email marketing products.

However, Automations were simple and did not allow more useful features such as conditional branching. Rather than incrementally improve the Automations feature, it seems that Mailchimp decided to start again with a new feature called Customer Journeys. And as a result they are forging ahead with them, renaming the old feature as Classic and presumably eventually retiring them altogether.

What does this mean for Donorfy users?

If you use any Widgets that have been configured to initiate a Mailchimp Automation - like this…

… then you will need to set up a new Mailchimp Customer Journey (consult their help to find out how), and then create a Donorfy Trigger. This article shows you how to do the Donorfy part. Don’t forget to remove the Mailchimp Automated Campaign from the Widget before you create the Trigger - otherwise your donors will be getting two messages.

Likewise, if you have Triggers which use the older Initiate Mailchimp Automation action, you need to create a new Customer Journey in Mailchimp and change your Trigger to initiate that instead.

Any questions? Contact Support. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with support for Mailchimp itself. You will need to check their knowledge base. Also, check your Mailchimp plan - it may include support.


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