Product Update: April 2023

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New Features


Triggers have been a really useful part of Donorfy, enabling allowing you to automate actions that might have been manually done in the past, like sending your supporters an email or initiating a series of emails through our integrations with Mailchimp/Dotdigtal. . To make Triggers more useful we have added a new Action. 

The Action is called Add a Tag to a Constituent (see image below) 

This allows you to Tag a Constituent as soon as something is added to a Constituent Timeline, including an RPI, Activity, Transaction and more. 

This means no more waiting around for an Auto tag to run. 

Coming Soon

To complement this action we also have another one in testing… Remove Tag From Constituent.

For more information on Triggers - please see our Knowledge base article -

Postcode UI Changes

As we mentioned in the March Product update -  we have made some Postcode UI Improvements.

This means that when entering a UK address, the formatting of the Postcode field now only accepts uppercase letters, and it automatically inserts a space if you didn’t enter one. It also trims away any unwanted leading or trailing spaces, which can cause issues with Gift Aid claims.

Membership Start Date

It is now possible to update a Payment Start Date and a Membership Start date using the File Uploader for Memberships. This will give you more control over how you get your memberships into Donorfy and how they work for you going forward.


The team has been working super hard on this, and it is now in testing. We are going to be looking for early adopters in the middle of May to be using and testing the integration for us so watch this space!


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