Product Update: August 2021

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The recent Donorfy product update has added some tasty new additions to triggers, as well as the usual improvement tweaks and fixes.

New Features

New trigger action: send email to user - you can now use a trigger to automate the sending of an email to a Donorfy user (e.g. to notify users about a large transaction, or event signup)

New trigger action: send email to constituent - you can now use a trigger to automate the sending of an email to a constituent (e.g. to acknowledge a volunteer registration, or thank them for a donation)

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Improved reporting of Mailchimp synchronisation - during a Mailchimp sync operation, more granular detail of progress is now displayed so you know how it’s going. And we’ll now email you when it’s ready so you don’t have to keep watching it

You now get much clearer visibility of how your Mailchimp sync is going - and we’ll even send you an email when it’s done so you don’t have to keep coming back to check.


  • Gender is now included in list data

  • The Mailchimp integration no longer removes tags when the contact unsubscribes

  • Transaction Payment lists and Transaction Allocation lists are now available as filters

  • Group constituents are now automatically excluded from a Gift Aid claim

  • Clarified the behaviour around Gift Aid cancellations so that only transactions after the cancellation date are excluded from the claim

  • Improved the consistency of behaviour when adding constituents via the file uploader, forms and the API

  • Rationalised the list of connections on constituent profile, so entries appear only once, regardless of how many connections exist

  • Increased visibility of Gift Aid claimed on constituent profiles (in the Giving Stats)



  • Fixed an issue where the oData feed was sometimes returning an error

  • Fixed an issue where the Gift Aid Claim amount was sometimes displaying incorrectly

  • Fixed an issue that prevented non-admin users from sending messages to Facebook via the giving tools

  • Fixed an issue where fields on Donorfy forms were displayed incorrectly on some Android devices

  • Various other bug fixes and security enhancements


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