Product Update: February 2020

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Developing Donorfy is a carefully planned journey to ensure that the right integrations, enhancements and feature requests are delivered to you at the right time.

You can now keep up to date with planned developments through our new product roadmap page. You can see the item, the status, the scale of the project and a brief description to provide some extra clarity.

We hope that you are excited as we are about what is being worked on!



Build it together

The Feature Request Board has been updated with increased search and filter options to make it easier for you to find, comment and upvote user requests.

Keep the suggestions coming, as we need your help to build Donorfy better for everyone!

Squished Bugs

We’ve been hard at work fixing some annoying bugs. Some of the more notable ones have made it on the roll call below...

General Items:
  • Lists - there has been a number of fixes List related, they are:

    • Microsoft Edge bug – an error when loading Lists in older versions of Microsoft Edge has been fixed. This occurred around the same time as the new version of Microsoft Edge was released - see The Microsoft website for more details on the new version.

    • Dropdown lists which included the word ‘inactive’ was causing some pesky problems, likewise quotes in descriptions were also. Both bugs were fixed swiftly.

    • For Donorfy users who had large numbers of Campaigns, Lists became a bit sluggish to load. The process to load Lists has been optimised so that usual load speeds have now returned for all.

  • Stripe - Where the Stripe Statement text was too long it was causing failed transactions – The field now features validation to make sure it’s the correct length.

  • Merging – Two bugs have been found and resolved. The first was where Social Media IDs had been duplicated which in turn prevented a merge from being completed. The second was a bug affecting some Danish Donorfy users merging a constituent that had a link with OnlineFundraising.

  • Campaigns – The Campaign member segment process would run, but no file would be available for download. The missing link has been corrected and the download process now completes as expected.

  • OnlineFundraising - Fixed a bug where backdated transactions in OnlineFundraising were not being created as transactions in Donorfy.

Product Updates

There has been a raft of updates to the core product to enhance performance, stability, add extra usability and also to keep the product compliant with how other systems are working.


Whilst you won’t see any visual clues to this epic development project, you will be certainly benefiting from it.

EFCore essentially replaces the core technology that runs Donorfy. By making sure that Donorfy uses the latest technology it will not just help to future proof the product, but also provides a better platform for our development team maintain Donorfy and to build and deploy new features much quicker than previously.


Lists – two big enhancements have been released:

  • Dropdown items now feature within the List filters - no longer do you need to remember to correctly spell Campaign names, Payment Types, etc you can now select them from the list instead!

  • For those on their Own Azure Servers, there is now the ability to create your own custom List views which are unique to your own organisation needs and add it to the List Types.

File Uploader - Enhancements have been made on how the File Uploader handles regional date formats, such as Danish dates. Dates featuring a dot separator now upload correctly.


Latest updates to our popular integrations include:

Xero: After lots of hard work building and testing, we are super happy that the Xero integration is now a validated app in the Xero marketplace.

There is a review section, so if you are using the integration it would be great if you could spare a few moments to add a star rating and some lovely comments.


For the latest documentation, how tos, Deep Dives and more head on over to the Donorfy Support Knowledge Base


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