Product Update: February 2022

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We’ve been busy, and a few new features are now available for you in Donorfy. Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements in the next few months.

New Features

Marketing Automation

You can now initiate a Mailchimp Customer Journey from a Donorfy trigger - we know you’ve been asking for this since it was released, and Mailchimp have now released the bit at their end to make it all possible.

We’ve expanded the Mailchimp integration so it now handles data from a larger numbers of Mailchimp campaigns

We’ve increased the visibility of information when syncing to Mailchimp to make it clearer if errors have occurred

We’ve laid the groundwork for an exciting new marketing automation integration

File Exports

EFT export files now include text-qualifiers as standard, which helps with some external recurring payment providers

We’ve updated the Sage export file in response to changes that Sage have made in their importer

Other Tweaks & Improvements

You can now unblock form submissions that were picked up by the spam filter

In the JustGiving integration, when Gift Aid payment details are processed and Gift Aid is recorded on existing transactions, the GiftAidStatusDetails for the transaction now includes the corresponding JustGiving payment reference.

When downloading your campaign segments, more fields are now available for you to use

You can now delay the running of a trigger by a specified number of days

You can now trigger an email to an internal Donorfy user in response to an event (transaction added, constituent updated etc)

We’ve made a number of minor tweaks to the constituent giving statistics (to make them clearer), the file uploader (to allow for uploading more data) and the ordering process.

We’ve made a few changes behind the scenes to make it easier for our support crew to help you if you need it

And we’ve fixed a few pesky bugs!


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