Product Update: June 2020

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Product Updates

As the UK is slowly coming out of the Covid-19 induced lock-down, we’ve been busy working on new a new integration, powerful filtering updates in Lists, additional security features, and lots more!

Below is a brief roundup of what has just been released this month.

Facebook Integration

Leverage the power of social giving with our new Facebook giving tools integration (currently in beta). These tools enable verified non-profits to collect donations within their Facebook and Instagram social networks via Donate buttons on your Page and posts.

Your followers can create Fundraisers – such as a birthday, celebration or a memorial fundraiser, so that family and friends can give to your cause too. Linking Facebook’s giving tools with Donorfy you’ll be able to see donors' donations and fundraising in Donorfy, contributing to the 360-degree view of each constituent that Donorfy provides.

This integration is available in both the Essentials and Professional plans.

To use the Facebook giving tools integration you will need to opt into the beta programme by emailing us at with the subject of “Facebook Integration”.

New Channels and Purpose Filters in Lists

Constituent Lists that feature communications options (Channels and Purposes) will look a little different and provides you with much more clarity and flexibility around filtering by comms channel and purpose.

Previously, it was difficult to discern true opt-ins and opt-outs as unconfirmed preferences would also be displayed. This is no longer the case! The filter options are now much more powerful and provide you with the ability to choose from the following Channel or Purpose preferences:

  • Positive opt-ins (Green)

  • Positive opt-outs (Red)

  • Unconfirmed (Orange)

Where possible we have migrated existing Constituent Lists over to the new format, and we would advise that you check your Constituent Lists to make sure they are still performing in the right way.



Security - Two Factor Authentication

Prevent unauthorised access to your Donorfy with 2 Factor Authentication. This provides an additional layer of security to your data by no longer just relying on the user name and password for access.

The process uses an authenticator app installed on your smartphone, it will provide a number that has a short amount of time to be used, entering the number when logging in with authentic your access – if the number expires or incorrect then no access is granted.

Find out more in this Knowledge Base article.

Some other recent additions

In-app announcements are now displayed at the top of your Donorfy. This will highlight events, news, and new features – keep an eye out!


Search: you can search by Constituent Number by using a hashtag before the number, e.g #1001.

JustGiving: The JustGiving API trim Custom Codes to 20 characters when sending the data through the API, which meant that in some cases matches were not made to a Fund, etc on Donorfy. Whilst we recommend keeping option names to a minimum, we have also amended the integration to match where the 1st 20 characters are the same in Donorfy.

Navigation: The navigation bar on the left of your Donorfy screen now sports a new Integrations option. This area will be home to all our integrations. At the moment you will be able to find Facebook, MailChimp, and JustGiving here.


GoCardless: Acknowledgements will now send immediately instead of being pooled together in the @RPI by Email section for review.

Lists: Improvements include:

  • Payment Method added to RPI List

  • New filters - Before Today and After Today

Forms: Improvements include:

  • We have added reCAPTCHA v3 to the Forms to help prevent fraudulent use

Widgets: You can now add Purpose opt-ins to your Web Widgets. See this Knowledge Base article

OData: New security added to the Data service which prevents access where OData access has not specifically been granted at Donorfy User level. See this article for help managing user permissions.

Squished Bugs

We’ve been hard at work fixing some annoying bugs. Some of the more notable ones have made it on the roll call below...

File Upload:

  • Undoing a file with Tags occasionally errored – this has now been resolved


  • Error received when updating bit not completing it fully Volunteer Form has now been fixed

  • Longer email addresses are now permitted

  • Error received when saving changes to the URL or Suffix – solved

Task view:

  • You can now see all tasks as expected


  • Danish Krone now displays amount fields consistently across all List types


  • Gift Aid Amount Claimed is now displaying values again


  • Recruitment Campaign now being updated consistently

  • Partial Payment Update sync provides updates consistently

For the latest documentation, how tos, Deep Dives and more head on over to the Donorfy Support Knowledge Base


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