Product Update: March 2023

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New Features


The number of rows and the page controls are now displayed at the top, so no more having to scroll to the bottom to discover how many rows have been returned


“Number of rows to be displayed” selection remembered

It is now also possible to select the number of rows displayed and for Donorfy to remember this setting on a per-user basis. So if you ask for Donorfy to display 150 rows it will remember this setting and display 150 if there are 150 or more rows to display. 

Professional Feature - Account Logo

If you have a professional version of Donorfy then you can now upload your charity logo so that it is displayed in the top right-hand corner of the screen 

To upload your image you will need to be an administrator of the system and go to Settings | Account and on the Organisation tab scroll to the bottom where it allows you to upload your logo.

Postcode UI Improvements - Coming in next few weeks

When entering a UK address, the formatting of the Postcode field now only accepts upper case letters, and it automatically inserts a space if you didn’t enter one.It also trims away any unwanted leading or trailing spaces, which can cause issues with Gift Aid claims.


We have continued to work on squashing bugs that we or you have found in the system. If you have reported a bug via support and we have released an update to resolve the issue you will have been informed. 

Working on 

We are currently working on an integration with Enthuse.  This is now in testing and we are aiming to get the integration towards the end of this month so watch this space. 

Also, we will soon be releasing the capability to add and remove tags in Triggers.

Donorfy Technology 

We are also working on updating the technical infrastructure that Donorfy sits on to make it faster, more secure, and more resilient.


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