Product Update: November 2022

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New Features

Bulk Document Download

In last month's Product update we talked about a Merge to Word Trigger Action. When we launched this feature you had to download each document one at a time. 

It is now possible to download multiple documents (up to 100MB) in Zip files (Donorfy will work out how many zip files to create) so that you can download the documents and send them to the printer. 

File Uploader
  • Added an “are you sure?” check when deleting files from the File Upload history.

  • Negative Transactions can now be uploaded by the file uploader

  • SMS Consent is now working on Membership File upload 

  • Channels are now uploaded if the file is not using a standard Donorfy template you have mapped the fields


On forms when adding an activity the additional fields used to only allow 50 characters, but they now allow up to 500. 


A “Connected Constituent” can now be added to a Pledge. Also made some improvements to what happens to Pledges when an Opportunity’s constituent is changed.


Changed the way it checks for existing constituents so that it now uses the standard Donorfy duplicate check algorithm.


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