Product Update: November 2023

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Want to try out a new integration without affecting your live Donorfy? Need a safe training environment?

A Donorfy sandbox is a tenant in which you can experiment with integrations or use as a training environment in the knowledge that your live system will not be impacted.

A sandbox is “cloned” from your live tenant at the point you create it - so it has the exact same configuration, but does not contain constituent data (you can add / import constituent data if you wish either by the File uploader or API).

The additional subscription per sandbox is GBP £30 / DKK 275kr / EUR €30 per month (excl VAT) per month or part thereof, as long as the sandbox is present.

Any constituents you create or import into your sandbox are aggregated into the constituent count of your live Donorfy tenant for billing purposes.

Admins can add and remove sandboxes from the live Donorfy | Settings | Account | Sandboxes tab.

For more information on managing Sandboxes please click here.


Want copies of your Donorfy invoices?

It's now possible to download your invoices from Donorfy. To do this you need to be an Administrator. Go to the Settings | Account section of Donorfy and click on the Billing tab, where you will see a list of invoices. You can download invoices there.

If your invoices are not displayed, please contact and they will link it up for you. 

While you are in the Billing section of Donorfy please make sure the billing contact is correct for your organisation.

For more information about this feature, check out our Knowledge Base article.

Organisations on Forms

It is now possible to capture data from Organisations on Donorfy forms. This is great if you have a lot of organisations that support your cause. 

On a form, there are now some new options on some of the form elements. Eg on the Constituent Details you can now select if you want to collect the following: 

When the form is submitted it will be added to an existing record if there is one for that organisation, or it will be added with the main contact being the individual who filled in the form. Connections are also established for organisations and individuals. There are also new form element configuration options for choosing which timeline holds the activities, tags and donations in cases where both an individual and an organisation details are being captured on the form.

For more information please see the knowledge base article on form elements by clicking here.

Small Improvements

Facebook Integration

We have updated the Facebook file importer so that it accepts the new format now that Facebook has partnered with PayPal Giving Fund.

We have also updated the Facebook integration so that if the campaign owner (which we call the Fundraising Page owner) was missing on the original donation imports, but is subsequently given to us, we now retrospectively update the historic donations with the campaign owner. 


We have also fixed a number of bugs. If you raised an support ticket that required fixing from our engineering team and it has been subsequently released to the live Donorfy environment, the support team will have notified you via the original support ticket.

Coming Soon

API Rate limiting, notes for partners and developers

We are introducing API rate limiting shortly to help ensure good performance for all users of the API   

The rate limiting will restrict the number of requests that can be made to the Donorfy Api - i.e. endpoints on the URL.

The limit will be set at a maximum of 1,000 requests per minute from a single Donorfy tenant - this limit may change in the future.

If a user exceeds the maximum request rate a 429 Too Many Requests status code will be returned.


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