Product Update: October 2020

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Product Updates

The development team have been extremely busy finalising a number of key changes and additions to Donorfy all of which are designed to free you up to do more of what matters.

Last month a powerful new automation feature was added to Donorfy, Triggers, providing the ability to add custom actions dependant on various scenarios on your Donorfy such as a notification out to a Slack channel or initiating a MailChimp supporter journey.

This month we are super excited to launch the new Opportunities feature, Virgin Money Giving Integration and a sneak peek of Donorfy’s fresh new design….


After a consultation period with a number of Donorfy users and Partners, we are please to announce the launch of the new Opportunities feature. Manage and tracking the process of asking for or applying for, large donations is now a much feature rich experience.

There is simply too much to list in this round-up, however, below are a few key changes – to find out about all of the changes that have been made see this Knowledge Base article.

  • Changes to Settings - now located in the Opportunities section and easier to use

  • There are now 3 views to your Opportunities: List, Board and Charts. Board is the newest edition and allows you to see and manage your Opportunities on a Kanban board - very cool!

  • Pledges have been updated considerably - you can now post a transaction by changing the pledge status accordingly.


The Opportunities feature is available in the Professional Plan.

If you'd like to find our more about how this feature can help with your fundraising from Trusts and Foundation, Major Donors and more please take a look at this section of our Knowledge Base.

Virgin Money Giving

Ditch those spreadsheets you’ve been using to copy and paste various columns into and discover a whole new way of adding donations form Virgin Money Giving with our dedicated integration (beta).

if you’ve been using the Facebook Giving Tools Integration then you’ll be familiar with the process already…

See the Virgin Money Giving section in the Knowledge Base to find out how to enable the feature and set it all up.

Available in the Essentials and Professional Plans.


New additions to the Xero accounts inetgration:

The ability to define the Transaction Date range of which you would like to send to Xero instead of using the Date Added has been added.

Gift Aid reclaimed can now also be sent through to Xero and will create a Receive Money item for the Gift Aid claimed.

JustGiving Payment Fees and JustGiving Gift Aid Fees are now contained within separate processing fees fields to aid reconciliation.


To find out more about the Xero integration see this section of the Knowledge Base.

Other notable fixes and additions


The way in which GoCardless were sending processing fees for transactions had changed for some types of GoCardless account plans. This resulted in the true processing fee not being recorded in Donorfy and manual adjustments were required prior to sending through to finance software packages. For all type of GoCardless account plans processing fees will now be correct for all newly entered transactions.


Transaction fees have been added to the data which Donr is sending through the integration. These will show within the Processing Costs field on the transaction.

Find out how to add Donr text giving to your Donorfy here.


Tags & Tag Categories – now features validation for special characters as the use of special characters creates some problems with integrations.

Acknowledgements - Both downloads types (Transaction and RPI) have a new field called GA Refused. This denotes that either Gift Aid has been noted as refused or not on the constituent profile.

Eventbrite – a number of small bug fixes, event id added to the transaction in Donorfy.

General – lots of other behind the scenes bits and bobs completed to keep Donorfy running as smoothly and as securely as possible.

Coming soon…

A fresh new look is coming to your Donorfy app – click here to preview



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