Product Update: October 2022

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We may have been quiet on the updates recently but we have been busy adding new features to Donorfy. 

New Features

Membership (Professional Feature)

We have added a new feature to Donorfy to allow you to manage fundraising memberships and members. 

The following features are included: 

  • Membership Analytics to track joiners and leavers by month

  • Membership Status based on customisable rules to allow you to manage your membership processes such as renewals. 

  • Manage Price increase of memberships, based on certain customisable rules.

  • Bulk Cancel of Membership

  • Link Members or record basic member info against an RPI for memberships eg for Family or Joint Members

  • Add additional information to a membership Recurring Payment Instruction 

  • Define specific membership products

  • Use Forms - to capture new members

  • Upload memberships and members via the File Uploader

  • Use the API to insert memberships and members

For more information on membership please see our knowledge base 

Email Automation - Dotdigital 

We have added a new email automation platform integration to dot digital. 

Donorfy’s Dotdigital integration provides the following features:

  • The ability to update contacts in a Dotdigital address book with constituent data from a Donorfy list. This update process can be configured to send data held about a constituent in Donorfy, mapping this information to either data fields or preferences in Dotdigital. Updates can run either on-demand or according to a schedule.

  • Constituents in Donorfy are updated according to their Dotdigital campaign activity, For example, activities are added to constituent timelines when Dotdigital campaigns are emailed to them, or they open or click such campaigns.

  • Donorfy triggers may be used to either enroll a constituent in a Dotdigital program (customer journey) or send them a one-off transactional email.

Pinned Tags

It is now possible to pin tags to Donorfy Profiles (the name block at the top of the constituent screen) - for example, you might want to pin High-Value Donor tag so that everyone can see it clearly.

You can select which tags are pinned. Pinned tags remain visible after you've switched to the timeline view.

To see how to do this and an example please see our Knowledge Base 

“Merge To Word” Trigger

It is now possible to use Triggers to merge data fields to an uploaded Microsoft Word document template. 

This allows you to automate the creation of documents, for example 

  • Acknowledging transactions

  • Acknowledging  New Memberships and Recurring Payment Instructions.

To see how to do this and an example please see our Knowledge Base. Note - to enable this feature please request by creating a support ticket.

Pledges (Professional Feature) 

Previously Pledges were limited to Opportunities, but it is now possible to add Pledges directly onto Constituents, and manage them from a new Pledges menu in Financial, where you can also convert a pledge to Paid, creating the transaction automatically.

Legitimate Interest

Until now, Donorfy has assumed that all communication channel consents are “opt in”. Forms and Web Widgets asked for an opt in.

It is now possible for you to define your communication channels as either opt in or Legitimate Interest. Legitimate interest is perfect for channels such as Mail, where explicit opt in is not required.

Corresponding changes have been made to Forms and widgets to enable these new settings to be implemented. Please see this knowledge base article for more information.


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