Product Update: September 2020

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Below is a brief roundup of what has just been released this month.

New Features


Triggers is an extremely powerful addition to Donorfy that lets you define a condition and its outcome, for example when a donation is added from a Trust a Supporter Journey campaign in MailChimp is initiated.

Triggers can be found under Data Management > Triggers

The trigger types span addition and updates to constituents, transactions, activities, RPIs, scheduled or manual (e.g. clicked action in Donorfy).

Triggers are available for all Donorfy subscription plans:

Essentials - a maximum of 3 Triggers
Professional - unlimited number of Triggers

More complex Triggers can be created to run more custom tasks, updates, etc, however, these will require a stored procedure and as such, would be only available to those Donorfy clients with their own Azure server.

Find out more in the Triggers Knowledge Base article

Watch the video on Triggers:


Forms has now been updated to include more control over the look and feel with additional formatting option now available.

Forms now updates the contact information of existing constituent profiles with the most recent data entered by the constituent filling in the form - e.g address, phone numbers, etc

A number of bugs have also been resolved, including:

  • Full width web pages being displayed within iFrames

  • ‘Your Name’ text appearing on the Form where that option was deselected

  • Narrow box fields displayed for Tags and Purposes - size now displays consistently with other fields


There have been some changes in relation to the data that is stored and accessible within Stripe and GoCardless RPIs and additions to Placeholders for acknowledgements

Stripe - stored details of last 4 digits are now editable so that where a card has been replaced due to it being lost/stolen or expired new card detail can be added. See this article for more information.

GoCardless - transaction fees are now obtained and added to the Transactions, placeholders used within the Own Notifications process which were not populating are now displaying again.

Acknowledgement for RPIs now feature a Gift Aid Refused column so that their wish to claim (or not claim) Gift Aid can be conveyed to the supporter.

Duplicates Duplicates Duplicates

There has been an alteration to the matching criteria to include name only options and also a tweaking of the confidence scoring for external key matching.

We have also fixed a bug which prevented the weekly Duplicates information email that is sent to all admins on your Donorfy - find out more about Duplicates here

Other notable fixes and additions

OnlineFundraising integration

A bug with the merging utility has been resolved
Errored subscriptions bug resolved where they were still being marked as active

Opportunities - in an Opportunity list the constituent number and opportunity contact number were displaying the same thing. now fixed.

Lists -

General: bug with the numeric comparisons causing the List to timeout has now been corrected

Opportunities: Filter options being duplicated for Capacity, Connection, Constituent Type, Propensity, Research Score now fixed

File Updater - Updating transactions with Potential Gift Aid = Yes or No yielding no updates has been resolved.

Dashboards - The Campaign dashboard comparison error now pulls the correct data

Menu Navigation -

Eventbrite, Facebook, JustGiving, MailChimp and OnlineFundraising integrations and their settings are now located under the Integrations menu on the left navigation bar.

GMail - a bug relating to GMail’s authentication process is resolved


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