Product Update: September 2021

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Your latest product update includes a new Sage 50 export, a security feature and a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

New Features

Sage 50 Accounts Export

The accounts download feature (not available in Essentials) previously had a Sage Line 50 and Zynk Sage 50 export types, but we have now added a new one - Sage 50 which exports data according to the format prescribed by Sage - see this Sage article for the file format.

There have also been some changes to the existing Sage Line 50 option:

  • populates the account with the accounts interface from the Fund (if it has one), otherwise the accounts interface code from the product. It was previously only using the product.

  • the Reference column is now being populated with the reference from the Transaction (Payment portion) in Donorfy, proving improved auditability.

  • Processing costs are now pro-rated across all the allocations.

  • The Details column is now being populated with information about the constituent and the transaction - eg “CHEQUE - Smith, Emma Mrs (Con #12345, transaction #12314)" - this is limited to 50 characters (by Sage) so may be truncated.

Security update - virus checking on upload

This feature, provided as a result of recommendations from a recent security audit, scans files being uploaded for viruses. This covers files being uploaded in the File Uploader tool, and files being uploaded as attachments - eg to activities.

Tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements

The following have been applied and are included in this update:

  1. Fixed an issue with the File Uploader where new entries to the Gender lookup were being added, rather than the gender being uploaded validating against the existing lookup.

  2. Resolved an issue with file uploader when duplicate columns had been included in the uploaded file.

  3. Gift Aid Ready amount field in the Campaign List was not calculating correctly - now it is.

  4. Fixed an issue where donations were prevented from being included in the Gift Aid claim where the donation date is the same day as the cancellation date.

  5. Solved an issue in Email Server Settings that was sometimes causing an error when sending a test email.

  6. Improved webhook performance on very large data sets.

  7. Fixed a problem where downloading large Constituent Tag Lists sometimes resulted in duplicates in the downloaded file.

  8. Corrected an issue where OData was displaying an error message when trying to display Opportunities but there were none to display.

  9. Mailchimp integration was still (in some rare circumstances) using obsolete mappings. No longer.

  10. Constituent Giving Stats are no longer displaying the wrong field in the Total Contribution row, year 4+ column.

  11. Constituent timeline - was showing the data of Recurring Payment Instructions incorrectly for RPIs with beneficiaries.

  12. Fixed an issue with File Updater which reported errors on the rare occasion when duplicated constituents were encountered in the file, but not marking the file up to show which ones were duplicated.

  13. Repaired a problem with Constituent Lists which were displaying External Key as a number, despite that field being a text field.

  14. Dupe checking for constituents in a transaction upload - now uses the same de-duplication scoring as other imports.

  15. Recurring Payment Instruction status - was missing the “Errored” entry - this has now been added.

  16. Corrected an error with the RPI file uploader, where overlong references were not being reported as an error, and just imported them as empty fields.

  17. Recurring Payment Instructions created by Forms were defaulting to a type of “Membership”, now “Recurring Donation”.

  18. Constituent Lists now showing Active Tags for constituents that were added and tagged via a Mailchimp form.

  19. Issue corrected where the constituent file updater was not correctly updating Date of Birth and Date Archived fields.

  20. Removed ability to download results of the main search (top-right) - as it was causing an error for some users.

  21. File Uploader - Recurring Payment Instructions, the Potentially Gift Aid-able field now defaults to Yes in line with other imports.

  22. Fixed an issue with Lists - when creating a PDF report all dates were showing in US format.

  23. Lists - we’ve made the Preferences column larger than the paltry 20 characters we had allowed before.

  24. Resolved an error that was occurring when running a constituent tag list, when the user has restricted access to certain tag categories.

  25. JustGiving Gift Aid - the payment reference from JustGiving Gift Aid is now being stored in the Donorfy transaction when the Gift Aid info becomes available.


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