Life After Virgin Money Giving

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So the rumours are true - Virgin Money Giving is due to close on the 30th of November.

The fundraising platform has confirmed it's closure shortly after this year’s London Marathon; having helped over 20,000 charities raise over £900 million over the past 12 years. It’s the end of an era that’s for sure.

If you’re one of those 20k charities who’ve relied on VMG to enable your supporters to donate quickly and easily online, this is pretty huge news as it’s been an integral part of your fundraising.

But don’t worry, we’ve done the research to help you work out where to turn next - fortunately this digital age provides a plethora of alternatives with something to suit everyone. We know that your charity is unique and you’ll have your own needs when it comes to an online giving platform, so read on to find out about some of the great options out there for you.

We’ve compiled a little list for you to explore some of your options. We really hope it will help you to move forward with a fantastic new tool, enabling your fundraising to continue to grow and in turn, your charity’s impact.

There a few things to check when you investigate these platforms further:

  • Control over the donor experience - Can third party systems look and feel like they are a part of your charity’s brand?

  • Platform fees - Is there a monthly, annual, or per transaction fee for the platform

  • Processing fees - Are there any fees taking to process each transaction

  • Who owns the data received? Will you have access to contact your donors?

  • Can it integrate with the other platforms that you use to manage your contacts?

We’ve been a little cheeky and included our own giving tool, Donorfy Forms. This is only available to Donorfy CRM users, so if you are in the market for a new CRM and would like to learn more about the system for your charity, please do book a chat with a member of our team. We’d love to hear from you.

Best For: All Rounders
Just Giving
  • Website donation button and widgets

  • Both one-off and regular giving

  • P2P fundraising pages

  • Campaign pages

  • Integrated with Donorfy


£15 per month

1.9% + 20p per transaction

5% Gift Aid & processing fee (optional)

Ema Giving
  • Website donate button and microsites

  • Unique visual fundraising tool, powerful for in-memory campaigns

  • Event bookings

  • Customisable forms

  • Integrated with Donorfy


£49 per month

20p per transaction

Fundraise Up
  • Uses machine learning (artificial intelligence) to understand optimal donation asks

  • Engaging donate buttons and widgets (some animated!)

  • Measure widget engagement

  • P2P fundraising

  • Corporate and matched giving

  • Customised to suit your branding

  • Integrated with Donorfy


As low as 2%

Payment processing fees through Stripe and PayPal

Option for donor to cover fees

  • Website donations

  • Payroll giving and corporate grant management

  • Supporter engagement

  • Non-profit CRM solution


No platform fee

1.45% + 14p payment processing fees

Best For: Easy Website Donations
Donorfy Forms
  • A feature of Donorfy, a specialist CRM for charities

  • Customisable forms for many purposes

  • Single and recurring website donations

  • Gift Aid declarations and automatic tax reclaim

  • Volunteer registration

  • Event registration

  • And many more!


No platform fee

Donations taking through Stripe, GoCardless, or PayPal

One-off donations at 1.4% + 20p per donation (Stripe payment processing fee, non-profit discounts available)

Regular donations at 2% + 20p per donation (GoCardless processing fee)

PayPal fees at 1.4% +20p per donation

CAF Donate
  • Website donations

  • Both one-off and regular giving

  • Campaign pages

  • Part of CAF Charity Dashboard (free to use)


3.6% per one-off donation

2% per regular donation (plus £1 for each new Direct Debit)

  • Website donate buttons and widgets

  • One-off donations and regular giving

  • Ask donors to cover fees


1.5% per donation platform fee

1.4% + 20p per donation (Stripe payment processing fee, non-profit discounts available)

or 1.4% +20p per donation (PayPal fees)

  • Great for small charities

  • No fees for the charity

  • Website donate widgets

  • Online one-off donations and regular giving


No fee for the charity

5% fee for the donor to cover platform use

  • Website donate buttons and widgets

  • One-off donations and regular giving

  • Create campaigns and appeals


No platform fees

Payment processing fees only (multiple options)

Best For: Community Fundraising & Events
  • Campaign pages (charity hosted)

  • Fundraising pages (P2P fundraising, fundraiser hosted)

  • Powerful and engaging integrations for a variety of fundraisers

  • Strava, FitBit, Runkeeper, Spotify, Twitch, YouTube, Milestones, Per-X


5% on each donation (inc. Gift Aid claimed on your behalf)

From £250 (+VAT) to launch campaigns

Facebook Giving
  • Donations via your charity Facebook page

  • Community Fundraising (P2P)

  • Especially successful for birthday fundraisers

  • Integrates with Donorfy



  • Branded website donation pages

  • Branded P2P fundraising pages

  • Events feature

  • Community Fundraising

  • Corporate fundraising


Varies per package

Donations from £34.99 (+VAT) per month

Fundraising from £19.99 (+VAT) per month

Events from £299.99 (+VAT) per year

Bespoke package options available

  • Website campaign pages

  • Contactless giving

  • Text giving

  • Events fundraising

  • Raffles and auctions


4% (plus 22p for web donations)

Up And Coming

Donr has previously been a solution exclusively for text giving, but they are growing and expanding what they can offer charities.


  • Text giving platform

  • Text giving for events

  • No charge for keywords

Coming up:

  • Text journeys for building donor relations

  • Text raffles

  • Online donations for your website (via card and text)

Donr integrates with Donorfy.


5% of each donation

1.4% + 20p for card donations


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